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How much is the Mrs Tiggy Winkle 50p Worth?

The Mrs Tiggy Winkle 50p coin was the fourth fifty pence coin released by the Royal Mint in 2016 to celebrate Beatrix Potter.

Mrs Tiggy-Winkle 50p
Mrs Tiggy-Winkle 50p

Coin Collector Value: £1.65 is a mid-point price for Mrs Tiggy-Winkle 50p coins marked as sold on eBay UK.

This price range for a good condition circulated example of this 50p coin. Try our 50p coin value checker tool.

Mrs Tiggy Winkle 50p coins for sale on eBay UK

Tiggy Winkle fifty pence coins for sale on eBay UK

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For Sale Right Now On eBay
Rare & Valuable UK 50p Coins Fifty Pence Circulated Beatrix Potter Olympics WWF

Rare & Valuable UK 50p Coins Fifty Pence Circulated Beatrix Potter Olympics WWF

Bids: 0 bids
Watching: 89 people
Timeleft: 28 days 16 hours 21 minutes 15 seconds

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Beatrix Potter Mrs Tiggy-Winkle 2016 50p Fifty Pence Coins - Uncirculated UNC

Beatrix Potter Mrs Tiggy-Winkle 2016 50p Fifty Pence Coins - Uncirculated UNC

Bids: 0 bids
Watching: 17 people
Timeleft: 14 days 13 hours 21 minutes 28 seconds

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50p coins Jemima Puddle-Duck 2020 Peter Rabbit Tiggy-Winkle BEATRIX POTTER SET

50p Coins Jemima Puddle-Duck 2020 Peter Rabbit Tiggy-Winkle BEATRIX POTTER SET

Bids: 0 bids
Watching: 185 people
Timeleft: 2 days 10 hours 26 minutes 47 seconds

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When Was the Mrs. Tiggy Winkle 50p Coin Released?

2016 Fifty Pence Coin
2016 Fifty Pence Coin

This coin was released in 2016 as the fourth coin in a five-coin release with the others being the 150th Anniversary of Beatrix Potter, Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddle-Duck, and Squirrel Nutkin.

How Many Mrs Tiggy Winkle 50p Coins Are in Circulation?

8,800,000 coins or in other words 8.8 million Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle 50p coins were released in 2016 making this a less common coin to find in your pocket change.

How rare is it?

How does this compare to the other Beatrix Potter coins?

Peter Rabbit 50p – 9,600,000

Beatrix Potter 50p – 6,900,000

Jemima Puddle-Duck 50p – 2,100,000

Squirrel Nutkin 50p – 5,000,000

If you live in the UK, you may be lucky enough to find a Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle 50p in your pocket change or piggy bank, so check each time you get a 50p in your change whilst shopping to see if you hit the jackpot! There are many of these coins for sale on eBay UK in un-circulated condition but typically they come from a bag of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle 50 pence coins so may show some signs of damage from being in a sealed bag with 19 other identical coins.

How Much Is Mrs Tiggy Winkle 50p Worth?

This fifty pence coin is worth face value of 50p however a UK coin collector may pay more to add it to their coin collection of British coins.

What Is the Value of the Mrs Tiggy Winkle 50p?

See current eBay UK sold listings to get an idea of the Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle 50p worth to coin collectors.

Where to buy this coin?

If you are searching for this coin, we have seen it listed with the following spellings of the name so check them all as the mis-spellings may be cheaper than the correct ones, due to less people finding them.

  • Mrs Tiggiewinkle
  • Miss Tiggywinkle
  • Miss Tiggy winkle
  • Tiggy 50p
  • Hedgehog 50p

See example sales listings above.

Where Can You Sell the Mrs Tiggy Winkle 50p Online?

The best places to list your coins for sale include eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or join one of the many coin sales forums on Facebook Groups.

Who is Mrs Tiggy Winkle?

The Mrs. Tiggy Winkle 50p coin was first issued in 2016 as part of the massively popular Beatrix Potter 50p coin collection.

Also known as the Hedgehog 50p, the Mrs. Tiggywinkle 50p is sought after by coin collectors of British coins, Beatrix Potter fans, and children around the world.

Beatrix Potter wrote her book The Tale of Mrs. Tiggly-Winkle in October 1905.

Mrs Tiggy-Winkle is a beautifully characterised hedgehog who lives as a washer-woman in a tiny cottage in the Lake District. A little girl named Lucie comes across the cottage and stays for tea.

The Mrs. Tiggle-Winky 50p is a very collectable coin to commemorate the work of Beatrix Potter and comes in general circulation coins worth a few pounds up to Silver Proof coins worth hundreds of pounds.

Beatrix Potter’s prickly character with a soft side

On the fourth 50p coin in the popular Beatrix Potter coins series

The fourth coin in the series that celebrates the wonderful world of Miss Potter features the conscientious hedgehog, Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle, dressed in gown and petticoats, a prickly washerwoman.

More than 100 years after her story was first published, she still captures the hearts of readers today.

Depicted on this 50p coin – the first official United Kingdom coin to feature Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle – the hedgehog is instantly recognisable, with every quill captured in fine detail in the coin’s Brilliant Uncirculated finish.

Series artist and Royal Mint engraver, Emma Noble has made sure that Beatrix’s characters are at the centre of each coin, achieving a delicate balance between character and inscription, their famous names clear for all to see.

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Brilliant Uncirculated Coin


Presented in fold-out packaging inspired by Beatrix’s own beautiful illustrations, the coin will take its place alongside the rest of the collection.

  • The first and only official UK coin to feature Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle
  • With fold-out packaging inspired by Beatrix’s own illustrations
  • Endorsed by Frederick Warne & Co (a Penguin Random House company)
  • Follows the popular coins struck to honour Beatrix Potter, Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddle-Duck
  • Build a collection that tells the story of Beatrix and her best-loved characters
  • Royal Mint Product Code: UK16BTWB
  • Royal Mint Issue Pirce: £10

BU Coin Specification

Denomination 50P
Alloy Cupro-nickel
Weight 8.00 g
Diameter 27.30 mm
Reverse Designer Emma Noble
Obverse Designer Jody Clark
Quality Brilliant Uncirculated

BEATRIX POTTER™ © Frederick Warne & Co., 2016

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