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About Us

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Who is The Royal Mint in the UK?

The Royal Mint is the government-owned mint of the United Kingdom, responsible for producing and issuing the country’s coins. The Royal Mint produces coins for circulation, as well as commemorative and bullion coins for collectors. Some examples of Royal Mint coins include:

  1. Circulating coins: These are the coins that you might use in everyday transactions, such as 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1, and £2 coins. The designs on these coins change periodically to reflect different themes or events.
  2. Commemorative coins: These are special coins that are issued to mark a particular event or anniversary. They may be made of different materials or finishes than circulating coins, and may have unique designs that are not found on regular circulation coins.
  3. Bullion coins: These are coins that are made of precious metals, such as gold, silver, or platinum, and are often bought as investments. The Royal Mint produces a range of bullion coins, including the British Gold Britannia, the Silver Britannia, and the Platinum Britannia.

The Royal Mint also produces medals and other numismatic products, and offers tours of its facilities in South Wales, where visitors can see how coins are made and learn about the history of the mint.

What Is The Royal Mint Telephone Number?

If you are looking for a status update on any orders you have placed at the Royal Mint, here is their contact information:


For enquires related to an existing order or service

+44 345 600 5014

Customer Service team opening hours are 0900-1800 BST Monday to Friday (0400-1100 EST)
and 0900-1600 BST Saturday (0400-1100 EST). Calls will be charged at an international rate.