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Charles Babbage 50p

2021 Charles Babbage 50p Coin

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Charles Babbage’s mechanical calculators helped to bring about the conceptual leap to modern computing. Released to coincide with the 150th anniversary of his death, the fourth coin in the Innovation in Science series from the Royal Mint in the UK commemorates the life and legacy of one of Britain’s greatest minds.

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Coin Design

Babbage 50pBabbage 50p

Babbage 50p

50p Charles Babbage Computer

Charles Babbage was an English mathematician who invented the first computer. He also designed the world’s first programmable mechanical calculator.

Charles Babbage was born in 1791 in London. His father was a wealthy banker, and his mother was a well-educated woman. At age 14, he began studying mathematics at Trinity College, Cambridge University. In 1810, he became interested in calculating machines, which were used for mathematical calculations. He developed a machine that could calculate tables of logarithms, trigonometric functions, and algebraic equations. This device was called the Analytical Engine. It was never built because of its complexity.

What did he invent?

Babbage’s invention was the first computer ever made. He wanted to build a machine that would help people do math faster. He believed that computers would make life easier and more efficient.

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