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British Monarchs: King Edward VII Coins

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The British Monarchs Collection enters the Edwardian era with a new coin dedicated to Edward VII.

The son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, the popular king left a lasting legacy despite his relatively short reign.

The fourth coin in the British Monarchs collection features a contemporary recreation of a portrait that appeared on the coinage in the United Kingdom and around the world at the turn of the twentieth century.

King Edward VII Coins

British Monarchs Collection continues with the release of the fourth coin, we are exploring the life and coinage of Edward VII, the king who grew from ‘Young Bertie’ to the ‘Uncle of Europe’.

Edward VII reigned during a time when The Sovereign epitomised the United Kingdom’s influence across the world.

Each coin is presented in a case alongside a booklet that explores the life and story of this popular king.

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