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The second coin in The Royal Mint British Monarchs collection is available at noon today 28th March 2022 featuring King James I Coins. The first coin in the series features 

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These are low-mintage silver and gold coins that will sell out fast!

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(12) English Hammered Coins Job Lot - Elizabeth I, Charles I, Henry VII, James I
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  • £275.40
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Reproduction Robert The Bruce & Reproduction James VI And I Double Sided coins
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  • £9.95
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1604 King James I Hammered Silver Sixpence Coin
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  • £52.95
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What is on the James I Coin Designs?

James The First Coins

James The First Coins

Firstly, the reverse of the coin features a portrait of James I from circa 1604-1619, while the obverse features Jody Clark’s definitive portrait of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

What coins are in the British Monarchs Collection?

The British Monarchs Collection will be a multi-year project that highlights coins of every ruler from the Houses of the Tudors, Stuarts, Hanoverians, Saxe-Coburg, and Gotha & Windsor, with 21 different issues in total. See also Henry VII Coins

Mintage Figures

How many coins are issued and their issue price on the day of the release.

Coin LEP Issue Price
1oz Silver Proof Coin Limited Edition 1,250  £95
2oz Silver Proof Coin Limited Edition 700  £185
5oz Silver Proof Coin Limited Edition 275  £465
1oz Gold Proof Coin Limited Edition 100  £2,505
2oz Gold Proof Coin Limited Edition 150  £4,775
5oz Gold Proof Coin Limited Edition 50  £11,430

The British Monarchs Collection features the following coin variants:

Silver Coins

  • 1oz Silver Proof Coin
  • 2oz Silver Proof Coin
  • 5oz Silver Proof Coin

These all sold out at The Royal Mint coin shop within an hour of release.

Gold Coins

  • 1oz Gold Proof Coin
  • 2oz Gold Proof Coin
  • 5oz Gold Proof Coin

James I Unite Coin

James 1 Unite Coins

James 1 Unite Coins

James 1 Unite Coin

James 1 Unite Coin

The James I Unite coin was the second English gold coin first produced during the reign of King James I.

It was named after the legends on the coin indicating the king’s intention of uniting his two kingdoms of England and Scotland.

  • Gold Unites were first struck in the reign of James I
  • James I intended to unite the kingdoms of England and Scotland
  • The gold Unite was valued at twenty shillings or one pound until 1612

Latin legends on these coins translate to:

Unite Coin Obverse

“James by the Grace of God, King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland”

Fifth crowned half-length armoured figure, holding orb and sceptre, surrounded by beaded circles and legend, initial mark tun (1615-16), .IACOBVS. D;G; MA; BRI; FRA; ET. HI; REX.,

Unite Coin Reverse

“I will make them one Nation,” a legend that is exclusive to this reign.

Crowned quartered shield of arms, I to left, R to right, .FACIAM. EOS. IN. GENTEM. VNAM.,

Who was James I?

James I was born on the 19th June 1566 in Edinburgh Castle in Scotland and died 27th March 1625 in Theobalds, Hertfordshire, England.

He was the first Stuart king of England from 1603 to 1625 who styled himself “King of Great Britain”.

He was the Scottish King James VI who succeeded Elizabeth I to become King of England.

British Monarchs

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