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Edward Jenner Coin

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The Royal Mint has announced the upcoming release of a new coin to commemorate the life and work of Edward Jenner, a pioneering physician who is best known for developing the first successful vaccine.


Available now in BU, Silver, Piedfort and Gold Proof coins. See also our Rare £2 Coins list.

What Are The Edward Jenner Coin Mintage Figures?

Coin Mintage Issue Price
Edward Jenner 2023  £2  BU Coin Unlimited  £            12.00
Edward Jenner 2023  £2  Silver Proof Coin Limited Edition 2,500  £            75.00
Edward Jenner 2023  £2  Piedfort Coin Limited Edition 1,250  £          125.00
Edward Jenner 2023  £2  Gold Coin Limited Edition 150  £      1,225.00

Edward Jenner made one of the most significant contributions to immunology the world has ever seen in 1796 when he developed a safe and effective method of protection against smallpox. As a result, the World Health Organization was finally able to declare smallpox completely eradicated in 1980.

To celebrate the pioneering work of Edward Jenner, we have struck a UK £2 coin that will be available to purchase from 9am GMT on Thursday 26 January 2023.

This is the first £2 coin from the Royal Mint to feature the effigy of King Charles III – that is not part of the 2023 Annual Coin Sets.

Background on Edward Jenner

Edward Jenner was born in 1749 in Berkeley, England and went on to become a physician and scientist. He is most famous for his work on smallpox, a deadly disease that killed millions of people each year. In 1796, Jenner performed the first successful vaccination by taking material from cowpox, a disease that infects cows, and injecting it into a young boy. The boy developed a mild case of cowpox and was then protected from smallpox.

Design of the coin

Edward Jenner £2 Coin
Edward Jenner £2

The coin features the smallpox virus, “A VACCINE TO END SMALLPOX” under and “EDWARD JENNER” over. The coin will feature the effigy of King Charles III.

Coinciding with the 200th anniversary of his death, The Royal Mint Coins proudly celebrate Edward Jenner’s immeasurable legacy with a new UK £2 coin.

Featuring a reverse design by the talented artist Henry Gray, the coin cleverly depicts the core of a smallpox cell surrounded by icons representing the millions of lives saved through vaccination.

The Innovation in Science Collection celebrates the very best British minds, adding Edward Jenner as the pioneer of the smallpox vaccine, which led to its global eradication in 1980!

Availability and Edition

The coin is available in different versions, base metal, gold proof coin and the silver proof coin, limited editions. The gold proof coin is made of 22-carat gold and is available in a limited edition. The silver proof coin is made of 999 fine silver and is available in a limited edition.

Strike your own Edward Jenner £2 Coin

The Edward Jenner £2 coin is available from Friday 6th January at The Royal Mint Experience as a “Strike Your Own” coin (SYO).

Edward Jenner Strike Your Own Coin
Edward Jenner Strike Your Own Coin

Edward Jenner Strike Your Own £2 Coin
Edward Jenner Strike Your Own £2 Coin


In conclusion, the release of the Edward Jenner coin by the Royal Mint is a great way to honor the pioneering physician and his groundbreaking work on smallpox. The coin is available in both gold and silver and is a limited edition, making it a great addition to any coin collection. It’s a fitting tribute to Jenner’s legacy and his contributions to medicine.

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