25 Years of the £2

2022 25 YEARS OF THE £2 Coins

2022 will mark the 25th anniversary of the £2 coin with the re-release of several popular designs to celebrate 25 Years of the £2 .

A Royal Proclamation suggests that the coins shall have a grained edge and in incuse letters the inscription “CELEBRATING 25 YEARS OF THE £2” save for the gold coin where the incuse letters shall be accompanied by a plain edge.

New coins already released include FA CUP coins and Dame Vera Lynn coins.


The designs of the two pound coins will be minted in gold, silver, silver piedfort, cupro-nickel and nickel-brass coins.

Obverse Design

2 Pounds
2 Pounds – 2021 version

For the obverse impression Our effigy with the inscription “ · ELIZABETH II · D · G · REG · F · D · 2 POUNDS ·” and the date of the year.

Reverse Designs

The reverse designs will feature familiar coins and will be highly sought-after by UK coin collectors. It is unlikely that these coins will go into general circulation.

Brunel £2 coin

  • a portrait of Isambard Kingdom Brunel with two of his engineering achievements
  • the whole design being encircled by a chain with the denomination “TWO POUNDS” above
  • the date “2006” below

Florence Nightingale £2 coin

  • a design depicting the pulse of a patient being taken
  • surrounded by the inscription “1820 – FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE – 1910”
  • the denomination “TWO POUNDS”
  • set against a background texture of lines symbolizing rays of light from a lamp

Robert Burns £2 coin

  • a design featuring a quote from the song Auld Lang Syne
    • the calligraphy of which is based on the handwriting of Robert Burns
  • The reverse design is surrounded by the inscription “1759 ROBERT BURNS 1796” and the denomination “TWO POUNDS”

Charles Darwin £2 coin

  • a design showing a portrait of Charles Darwin facing an ape
  • surrounded by the inscription “1809 DARWIN 2009” and the denomination “TWO POUNDS”

DNA £2 coin

  • a representation of the structure of deoxyribonucleic acid
  • above, the words “DNA DOUBLE HELIX”
  • below, the value “TWO POUNDS”
  • and the anniversary dates “1953” and “2003”
  • five circles expanding from the date “2001” on the left
  • the figures “00” joined by a spark and with the smallest circle surrounding the date including broken radiating lines
  • the circles are enclosed within a border showing a pattern of five offset waves
  • the value “TWO POUNDS” while four beams, each with one break in it and each with two groups of three dots, radiate from the date to the outer edge on the right, overlaying the whole design
  • St Paul’s Cathedral illuminated by searchlights
  • the denomination “TWO POUNDS” above
  • the dates “1945-2005” below

Charles Dickens £2 coin

  • silhouette profile of the writer through the titles of his works
  • greater prominence being given to those that are more well known
  • the inscription “1812 CHARLES DICKENS 1870” to the left

William Shakespeare £2 coin

  • a cap and bells with a jester’s stick
  • accompanied by the inscription “WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE 2016″
  • a dreadnought at sea (battle ship)
  • with the inscription “THE FIRST WORLD WAR 1914-1918” and the date “2015”

Lord Kitchener £2 coin

  • Commemorates the 100th Anniversary of the Outbreak of World War I
  • a depiction of Lord Kitchener pointing
  • with the inscription “YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU”
  • below the effigy of Lord Kitchener
  • the inscription “THE FIRST WORLD WAR 1914 – 1918”
  • the date “2014” surrounding the design

Aviation £2 coin

  • Celebrates 100th Anniversary of the First World War Aviation
  • a First World War aircraft engaged in reconnaissance
  • the inscription “THE WAR IN THE AIR 1914 · 1918”

Jane Austen £2 coin

  • a depiction of a regency style framed silhouette of Jane Austen
  • accompanied by her signature
  • the inscription “JANE AUSTEN 1817 – 2017”
  • with the denomination “TWO POUNDS”

Frankenstein £2 coin

  • the inscription “FRANKENSTEIN”
  • accompanied with “BICENTENARY OF MARY SHELLEY’S”
  • “1818 · THE MODERN PROMETHEUS · 2018”

D-Day Landings £2 Coin

  • a map depicting the Normandy beaches
  • accompanied by their code names where Allied troops landed on D-Day
  • with the inscription “D-DAY : 75TH ANNIVERSARY 2019”