The Seymour Panther

The Seymour Panther 2022 UK Coins

NEW RELEASE – The Royal Tudor Beasts Collection – The Seymour Panther – First Coin of Ten – Here: direct Royal Mint. Released at  9 am Thursday 7th October 2021.

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The Royal Tudor Beasts Collection – The Seymour Panther
The Royal Tudor Beasts Collection – The Seymour Panther

Following the huge success of The Queens Beasts coin series from the Royal Mint in the UK, the mint is due to release a new series of coins for The Royal Tudor Beasts, starting with the Seymour Panther.

What is The Seymour Panther?

The Seymour Panther
The Seymour Panther seen at Hampton Court PalaceCredit

The first coin in the collection features The Seymour Panther, which is often shown with flames coming out of its mouth and ears, representing anger, and is said to have the claws of an eagle and the tail of a lion.

It was given to Jane Seymour by Henry VIII from the treasury of royal beasts, the collection of heraldic creatures from which the Tudor royal beasts were drawn.

Which beasts will be part of The Royal Tudor Beasts Coin Collection?

The Royal Tudor Beasts Collection is inspired by the ten beasts that appear on the Moat Bridge, five of which represent Henry VIII.

The full series of 10 Tudor Beast coins will include:

The designs of these coins have yet to be released as well as the mintage figures. The coins are likely to be released in brilliant uncirculated (BUNC) base metal, silver and gold proof designs.

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