Royal Mint Discount Code 2022

The Royal Mint Discount Codes

Royal Mint Discount Codes are time-limited special offers or coupons and may only apply to certain coins.

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Shop as you normally would at The Royal Mint UK Shop and enter a discount code to apply the discount to your basket total at checkout.

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How do I use a Royal Mint discount code?

Watch our video tutorial on YouTube

  • Click on the discount of your choice listed
  • Copy the Royal Mint Discount Code if provided (an example code is “DSC303”)
  • Follow the link to the Royal Mint website and browse for the coins you wish to own
  • Click ‘add to basket’ on your product(s) of choice, just as you normally would shopping online
  • Navigate to your basket by clicking on the small trolley icon, top right of their website

The Royal Mint Basket

  • Enter the promo code in the box beneath your order
  • Sometimes the PROMOTION CODE box does not show, click the “View Full Cart” link

The Royal Mint Promo Code

  • Click ‘Go!’

Once the Promotion Code is successfully applied it will appear beneath with a green tick, we used code BND163 in this example

  • Your basket total should update to the discounted amount!
  • Click ‘Proceed to Checkout‘ to complete your purchase as normal
  • Any offers which don’t require a discount code will be applied automatically
  • Do a Happy Dance! You just saved money at The Royal Mint!

The full transcript of our YouTube Video on how to apply discount codes on The Royal Mint website is as follows:

  1. Open your internet browser and type in the website address
  2. after the homepage loads, go to the discounts menu option (this page)
  3. this page will show you the currently available discounts at The Royal Mint online store
  4. browse the discounts to see if any are of interest to you
  5. let’s assume you want to purchase the first one, a Royal Air Force coin
  6. Click on the discount code,
  7. it has now automatically been saved into your computer’s memory
  8. Click on the buy and save now green button
  9. the Royal Mint website will open in a new tab and load at the appropriate product page to apply the discount
  10. browse the coins on this page and click add to basket for any that you wish to purchase
  11. we will add a spitfire coin to our basket, notice the trolley icon now has 1 item indicated
  12. Click on the trolley icon when you have finished shopping
  13. if the full shopping cart does not show, click on view full basket
  14. now you should see the items you selected and a promotion code box
  15. select the blank box and right-click to add the discount code from your computer’s memory
  16. if you are doing this on a touch device
  17. try press and hold to see if any paste option comes up
  18. paste or enter the discount code into the box
  19. notice the current coin price of £67.50
  20. click go to apply the discount code
  21. notice the price changed to £54
  22. Click proceed to checkout,
  23. if you already have an account at the royal mint online store, then login as usual
  24. if you are a new customer, follow the prompts to complete the payments and delivery information
  25. double-check you have the discounted price still showing before you complete your purchase

Discounts at The Royal Mint

Discount Codes are sometimes referred to as Promotion Codes (promo) or Discount Vouchers.

They are time-limited, usually ending at midnight on the date shown.

Choose from the discounts listed to save money on your purchases at The Royal Mint.

Since these discount codes change all the time we cannot guarantee they will continue to work.

Use the guide on how to apply the discount codes at checkout.

Discounts Disclaimer

We act as an intermediary host advertiser of a search, save and share a platform on

We spend hours searching for the best discounts for our Users however all Discounts shown on this page are directly from The Royal Mint (or other coin product sources) and are not in any way offered by

The discounts have been previously issued by The Royal Mint but may cease to work at any time without notice.

Please check directly on the Royal Mint website for the product details and pricing before committing to any purchase.

Contact The Royal Mint directly in respect of discount validity, product availability, delivery costs, lead times, refunds, cancellations, returns, and exchanges as applicable.