2021 Insulin 50p Coins For Sale

The Discovery of Insulin Joins the Innovation in Science Series

It can be argued that few medical discoveries of the twentieth century have had the lasting legacy of insulin. A veritable lifeline for diabetics around the world, this game-changing find revolutionised diabetes treatment in 1921 and continues to be used therapeutically to this day. With the fifth release in the Innovation in Science series, we celebrate the groundbreaking discovery of insulin.

2021 Insulin 50p Coins

The 2021 Insulin 50p coin released on the 14th October 2021 to celebrate 100 years since the discovery of insulin, our of the most significant medical discoveries in human history.

This is the 5th coin release in the Innovation In Science coin series from the Royal Mint in the UK.

In tribute to the pioneering efforts of 1921, the reverse design combines an artistic illustration of insulin’s molecular structure with its chemical symbol in a numismatic tribute befitting such a historic discovery.

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