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2024 Britannia and Liberty Coins

2024 Britannia and Liberty Coin Release

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UKCOINS is delighted to share the pending release of the 2024 Liberty and Britannia Coins.

In a groundbreaking collaboration between the United States Mint and the UK  Royal Mint, this initiative is not just a mere release of new coins; it’s a historic event in the world of numismatics, symbolizing a unique blend of art, history, and international cooperation.

Britannia and Liberty Coin Design

2024 Britannia and Liberty Coins

2024 Britannia and Liberty Coins

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For the first time in history, the iconic symbols of Britannia and Liberty will come together on a UK coin, marking an exciting collaboration between The Royal Mint and the United States Mint.

This unique release showcases the exceptional skills of the Chief Engravers from both mints, who have worked together to craft a harmonious design featuring these two figures.

Who are the Chief Engravers?

The design, a joint effort by Chief Engravers Joseph Menna of the U.S. Mint and Gordon Summers of the Royal Mint, is a masterful representation of the fusion of two cultures. The depiction of Liberty and Britannia together on a single coin is a first in numismatic history, and the way these figures are given equal prominence speaks volumes about the respect and harmony between the two nations.

Who Is Liberty?

Liberty, a cornerstone of American values, has been elegantly portrayed in various forms on U.S. coinage since the nation’s inception.

Her presence on this coin continues that proud tradition, offering a modern yet timeless representation of American ideals.

The Statue of Liberty is a representation of Libertas, the Roman goddess of liberty. The statue’s name comes from the goddess she represents.

Who is Britannia?

Britannia is a symbol of Britain’s maritime prowess and national unity, has been a constant on British coinage since the 17th century. There is a long history of Britannia Coin releases from the Royal Mint.

Her inclusion in this design reaffirms her status as an enduring emblem of British heritage.

What coins will be released?

The U.S. Mint has announced their intention to produce a 24k gold coin and a silver medal using this design.

2024 Liberty Britannia Gold Coin Obverse

2024 Liberty Britannia Gold Coin Obverse

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The choice of precious metals adds a layer of prestige and collectibility to these items, making them pieces of art. The gold coin, in particular, will likely be a sought-after item for its intrinsic value and the craftsmanship it displays.

The Royal Mint has posted some coin images on their website as teasers but have yet to confirm the actual release date of the coins and full details of what they will be. You can register your interest at the Royal Mint website, to receive email updates on the release of follow us on our social media channels for news of all new releases.

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