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The Tooth Fairy

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The Tooth Fairy is celebrated in a new series of six books and a special fifty pence coin set from The Royal Mint.

As the maker of British coinage, where else would the Tooth Fairy get her coins?

My Lost Tooth Celebration Set

The Tooth Fairy Coin
The Tooth Fairy Coin
  • Contains a 2021-dated, definitive Brilliant Uncirculated 50p coin
  • Struck by The Royal Mint, Matt Dent’s 50p Shield design is a favourite coin of the Tooth Fairy
  • Comes with a beautifully crafted cream pouch which keeps the coin safe
  • Includes an endearing ‘thank you’ letter from the Tooth Fairy
  • Features a calling card for the bedside table, which you can date specially for the child

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The Royal Mint has partnered with Owlet Press, maker of Children’s’ books. Author, Samuel Langley-Swain, tells the story of the Tooth Fairy and her magical connection to The Royal Mint.

The first three books in the series are available now.

The Tooth Fairy and The Home of the Coin Makers

The Tooth Fairy and The Home of the Coin Makers Book
The Tooth Fairy and The Home of the Coin Makers Book

As Ollie and Grace both lose their first tooth, Grandpa’s magical stories reveal generations of Coin Makers and Tooth Fairies working secretly together from The Royal Mint, taking
them from The Tower Of London, to the land of magic and dragons. Maybe one day the twins would get to see all the magic for themselves.



The Tooth Fairy and The Magical Journey

The Tooth Fairy and The Magical Journey
The Tooth Fairy and The Magical Journey

When Ollie and Grace put their lost teeth under their pillows with a trap to catch the Tooth Fairy, they wake to find a Watch-Mouse named Wensleydale walking around their bedroom!

They learn how Watch-Mice help Tooth Fairies and travel through magical underground tunnels to The Royal Mint, where The Chief Tooth Fairy herself is waiting with a special gift.


Dilwyn The Welsh Dragon

Dilwyn The Welsh Dragon
Dilwyn The Welsh Dragon

In the valleys of Wales, everyone at The Royal Mint is hard at work, making coins. But one night, a baby red dragon hatches from a magical egg!

The makers name him Dilwyn and take care of him until he was big enough to guard their coins.

Every night Dilwyn sleeps high up in the rafters keeping watch; until two robbers foolishly try to break in . . .


About The Tooth Fairy Books

The books tell of a magical tale of treasure and tooth fairies. They are produced in an exclusive partnership between Owlet Press and The Royal Mint.

The books bring an age-old British tradition of hiding a coin under the pillow of a young child who has lost one of their first teeth to life, through charming illustrations and captivating storytelling.

The books are written by Author Sam Langley-Swain, and illustrated by Davide Ortu.

They are an inclusive and modern take on the story for boys and girls aged 5 years and above to enjoy and are designed to be read aloud to encourage and develop reading and listening skills.

A Magical Moment Awaits

Losing a tooth is a special moment for a child.

As they nestle it under their pillow before drifting off to sleep, excitement tingles in the air and magic starts to spread.

Busy wings flutter as the Tooth Fairy visits The Royal Mint to collect a special coin. In addition to the coin, little ones can take a wondrous journey into the mythical realm of the Tooth Fairy through a brand-new series of books.

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