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Trinity House £2 Coins

The 500th Anniversary of Trinity House

Trinity House £2 Coins eBay

Trinity House £2 Coins for sale on eBay

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Trinity House £2 Coins Worth?

Recent eBay sold listings for this coin indicate that the current value for a circulated coin in good condition is £2.50.

See our Rare £2 Coins page for current values.

Please note coin prices vary wildly depending upon rarity and condition.

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Mintage Figures

The mintage figures for the Trinity House are:

Base Metal 3,705,000 coins entered circulation
Brilliant Uncirculated (BU/BUNC) 24,386
Silver Proof 1,936
Silver Proof Piedfort 1,139
Gold Proof 279

Coin Specification

Year 2014
Designer Joe Whitlock Blundell & David Eccles
Denomination £2

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