Trevithick Steam Locomotive £2 Coins

200th Anniversary of the first steam locomotive by Richard Trevithick

Trevithick Steam Locomotive
Trevithick Steam Locomotive

A representation of a steam locomotive engine with the words ‘TWO POUNDS’ above and inside a cog wheel, the words R.TREVITHICK 1804 INVENTION INDUSTRY PROGRESS 2004 as a circumscription

Mintage Figures

The mintage figures for the Trevithick Steam Locomotive are:

Base Metal5,004,500 coins entered circulation
Brilliant Uncirculated (BU/BUNC)155,879
Silver Proof10,233
Silver Proof Piedfort5,303
Gold Proof1,500

Coin Specification

DesignerRobert Lowe
Edge InscriptionIs milled with an incuse railway line motif.

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