Rugby World Cup £2 Coins

1999 Rugby World Cup £2 Coins

Rugby £2 coin celebrating the 1999 Rugby World Cup.

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Rugby £2 Coin Design

Design depicts a stadium full of supporters (the dots), upon which is superimposed a rugby ball and goalpost. The date ‘1999‘ above separated by goal-posts from the value ‘TWO POUNDS‘ below.

RD in tiny letters inside the goal post to the right of the ball are the initials of the coin designer, Ron Dutton.

In 1999 the world’s finest rugby-playing nations came together in the spirit of competition to battle for the Wed Ellis Cup in the finals of the Rugby World Cup.

Hosted by the Welsh Rugby Union, the matches were played at venues throughout the five nations of England, France, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The pulsating atmosphere, movement, sound and colour of the great game of Rugby and the enthusiasm of its spectators were captured by Ron Dutton on the reverse of the 1999 two-pound coin struck to commemorate this eagerly awaited sporting event, the 1999 Rugby World Cup.

Mintage Figures

The mintage figures for the Rugby World Cup are:

Base Metal 4,933,000 coins entered circulation
Brilliant Uncirculated (BU/BUNC) 136,696
Silver Proof 9,665
Silver Proof Piedfort 10,000
Gold Proof 2,214

Circulated Coin Specification

Year Of Issue 1999
2.5 mm
Outer:  Nickel-Brass (76% copper, 4% nickel, 20% zinc)
Inner:  Cupro-nickel (75% copper, 25% nickel)
Obverse Designers
Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS
Reverse Designer
Ron Dutton
Edge Inscription
Rugby World Cup 1999

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