400th Anniversary of the Mayflower Voyage Two-Coin Gold Proof Set


Limited Edition 500

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  • Features a quarter-ounce commemorative coin struck in 999.9 fine gold from both The Royal Mint and the United States Mint.
  • Each coin features a different design from renowned U.S. based artist Chris Costello, meaning the set helps provide a sense of synergy between the two countries commemorations.
  • Demonstrates the shared history and heritage of the United States of America and the United Kingdom.
  • The joint set is presented in a hard case, contained within a two-piece box surrounded by a printed outer sleeve. The packaging is dual branded by The Royal Mint and The United States Mint plus a common Certificate of Authenticity (COA) is included that has been produced in collaboration between the two mints.
  • Chris Costello has cleverly incorporated multiple stylistic elements into the coins’ designs that help tie them together. For example, the same font is used on both the U.S. and UK coins: compare the word ‘Mayflower’ on the UK coin and the word ‘Plymouth’ on the U.S. coins, as well as the dates 1620 and 2020. Additionally, the presence of the North Star in the UK coin’s design connects to the image of the sun in the U.S. design, helping to symbolise a new day. That symbolism is also a reference to the Wampanoag Nation, the indigenous people who befriended the Pilgrims and helped them survive.