Big Coin Collection

What’s the Big Coin Collection?

Big Coin Collection
Big Coin Collection

The Royal Mint in the UK has just announced a new feature on it’s website called the Big Coin Collection that allows UK coin collectors to catalogue their coin collection and share it as a link to anyone online for free!

Start Your Collection

The Nation’s Big Coin Collection

The Royal Mint announced:

Join us on the hunt for all those Pre-decimal and decimal coins. Make a new coin discovery, upload a photo of your coin and watch as they come together as a complete collection.

How to use the Big Coin Collection?

To use the Big Coin Collection APP on the Royal Mint Website you need to login to your account there or create a new one.

Once logged in, go to the  Start Your Collection page.

Coin Collection
Coin Collection

Collect the coins you find by simply clicking on the coin that matches yours.

  • Upload a photo of the coin
  • Include the coin’s date
  • See your decimal coins come together as a complete collection.

Copy the link in the bottom of your page to your friends and family on Social media.

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